Each week, Mintage releases new hash power agreements and we don’t want you to miss out!  To purchase a Mintage hash power agreement, follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Login to Your Mintage Account

         — Click your “Wallet” tab

         — Click the“Deposit” button and select the type of cryptocurrency you want to deposit–Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, or Litecoin

         — Copy the generated crypto wallet address

Step #2: Login to Your Coinbase Wallet

Note: These are Coinbase instructions, but members can use a crypto wallet of their choice.

         — Click “Accounts” and select the crypto wallet you want to withdraw from and click “Send”

         — Paste the copied Mintage wallet address in popup form

         — Enter the amount you want to send to your Mintage wallet

         — Complete the 2-step verification and click “Confirm”

         A transaction time may be needed—Litecoin has the fastest availability

Step #3: Go to Your Mintage Account

        —  Click “Contracts” and scroll to “Purchase a Contract”        

        — Select One-Year or Three-Year Agreement

        — Enter the number of hash power units you want to purchase

        — Mark that you accept the agreement terms and conditions and click “Buy Now”

        — A confirmation will appear outlining the details of your hash power agreement with Mintage Mining.

Note: There is a $500 USD initial minimum purchase required for three-year agreement. Additional purchases/repurchases minimums on three-year aggrements is 100 ($100 USD) units and 50 ($100 USD) units for open-ended agreements. 

Don’t wait a minute longer! Purchase a hash power agreement today!

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