Kala reached a few milestones this month. Not only did we launch a successful blockchain but hundreds of Kala mining rigs powered up and started mining. Kala Rigs give each miner direct access to Kala’s mining pool, but there are a few factors that can affect individual mining results.

What to Watch For in Your Rig Performance

When you log into your Kala Rig performance account in Mintage Mining, you may notice a fluctuation in your hash power efficiency. Kala Rigs should be operating with around a 70% efficiency and an average hash rate of 4.0 TH/s ±5%. While Kala rigs are preconfigured the same, the following factors can affect the performance of your rig:

  • Internet Latency: Latency is defined by the amount of time it takes data to travel between its source and destination, measured in milliseconds. Any time your internet speed/connection changes, it affects the amount of hash power your rig is bringing to Kala’s mining pool.
  • Electricity: Your Kala rig must be running to earn Kala. Power outages or rig disconnection affects your efficiency rate, hash power rate, and opportunity to mine Kala.
  • Connection: When connecting your Kala Rig to your home network, avoid plugging the ethernet cable into any port with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) capability. This may cause damage to the control board. If you are unsure about your router’s specifications, consult with the manufacturer support site. Also make sure there are not multiple electronics plugged into the same circuit. Doing so can slow down your rig’s power and decrease your mining ability.
  • Temperature–Kala Rigs can slow down if they become overheated or if the temperature around them is too high. Rigs must be kept in a well-ventilated room that doesn’t go above an ideal temperature of 83°F and no higher than 104°F.  If possible, choose an area with windows that can help regulate the room temperature.

To optimize performance or troubleshoot your Kala Rig, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Check Your Internet Router: It is important that your rig’s connection to the internet is never interrupted.  The more speed and bandwidth your rig has, the more efficient it will be at mining and earning Kala.
  • Use a Surge Protector: Kala Rigs also require constant electricity. To avoid power surges or blown circuits, we recommend plugging your rig into a power strip with a surge protector and only run one rig per circuit.  Operating with too many amps on one circuit will flip the circuit breaker. If you feel your rig is running slow, simply unplug and plug your rig back in. This can help reboot your rig’s performance.
  • Effective Mining Environment: Don’t block your rig’s intake fan. Because Kala Rigs run hot, make sure your rig is in a cool room with little to no humidity. High humidity levels can cause dust to be pulled into the miner and affect your rig performance

Pioneering New Mining Opportunities

Designed as a completely preconfigured mining tool, Kala Rigs are blazing through new territory in today’s crypto space. Kala is an innovative mining opportunity that has never been done before, which is why the Kala team is dedicated to finding new ways to increase the effectiveness of our Kala Rigs.  

As we continue to build Kala’s network, make sure to check our Kala blog, Facebook, and your email regularly to learn about helpful tips, possible changes, and Kala news.