Creating a culture of transparency and providing accurate information to our members is our top priority. To help you navigate your membership with us and learn how Mintage works, here are answers to our commonly asked questions:

Which cryptocurrencies does Mintage Mining mine?

Mintage Mining mines Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, and Bitcoin Cash.

How does Mintage choose which cryptocurrency to mine each week?

Each week, our Advanced Proprietary Mining AI evaluates the current cryptocurrency market and strategically picks the best coin to mine for the highest payout.

How do I get started with Mintage?

We offer two subscription options to join Mintage:

  1. Exclusive Pricing for Nui Members–$25 Minimum Unit Purchase
  2. Direct Public Access–$500 Annual Fee/$25 Minimum Unit Purchase

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What are Hash Power Agreements & when do they open & close?

Mintage secures our mining capacity in advance to increase availability and effectiveness. Each week, we release weekly hash power service agreements where members can purchase hash power units. We offer one-year and three-year hash power service agreements. Each service agreement allows members to participate in crypto mining for 52 or 156 weeks, with prospective payouts deposited weekly. Both hash power agreements operate on a first come, serve basis. When all available units are sold, the current agreement closes and a new agreement immediately opens. 

How many hash power service agreements can I have at a time?

Members can purchase/repurchase new hash power service agreements every week. There is no limit on the number of service agreements a member can purchase.

Is there a minimum initial cost?

Yes! There is a $25 minimum when purchasing your initial one-year hash power service agreement a $75 minimum when purchasing an initial three-year agreement.

Is there a minimum to repurchase a hash power service agreement?

Yes! There is a 10 unit minimum when repurchasing a new one-year hash power service agreement. 

Note: One-year hash power units value at $1 USD per unit & Three-year hash power units value at $3 USD per unit

How often will I receive a Mintage payout?

Available payouts are posted to a member’s Mintage account on Wednesdays. For initial purchases, your first payout will post to your account the Wednesday after your service agreement closes. To view your payout, login to your Mintage account and click your “Wallet” tab. We also send a payout notification email to each of our members.

What are Override Units?

Override Units refer to the units that are paid out through your team structure as part of the Mintage Mining Bonus Plan for members of one of our team-building affiliates.

What are Bonus Units?

Bonus Units are the units that are paid out to you because someone you directly referred to Mintage purchased a hash power service agreement . Only available to members of one of our team-building affiliates.    

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A new weekly hash power service agreement is ready for you!

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