Welcome to Mintage Mining! We provide our members direct access to some of the world’s top crypto mining through weekly hardware rental share agreements, or hash power unit purchases. If you are new to crypto mining, let’s discuss how hash power makes crypto mining happen.

What is Hash Power?

Hash power or hash rate is the output speed required to complete a blockchain code using intense mathematical equations. As a measuring unit, hash power tracks how much power–hashes per second (h/s)–is required to effectively mine cryptocurrency. Having a high hash power rate increases the opportunity of getting a token reward and finding a new blockchain to mine.  

This is where Mintage members play a crucial role. To optimize and increase our hash power rate, Mintage releases hardware rental share agreements where members can purchase hash power units. Each unit sold increases Mintage’s hash power rate, also increasing mining effectiveness and crypto coin rewards. Mintage BTC rewards are fairly distributed to each member who purchased hash power units through a hash power service agreement. Mintage offers three-year hardware rental share agreements with possible weekly BTC rewards that are deposited directly to a member’s Mintage account. As an agreement sells out, a brand new rental share agreement opens to our Mintage members.  

Mintage Hash Power in Action

We understand that these cryptocurrency elements are quite technical to follow. To help outline how purchasing Mintage hash power units makes a difference, take a look at one of our most recent hash power output graph:

This graph illustrates a recent increase in Mintage’s hash power in TH/s (one trillion hashes per second). With each weekly mining bucket we released, the number of hash power units purchased increased, increasing our hash power.

For Example:  

On 12/6/2017–140,802 mining units were sold = hash power rate of 8,500 TH/s,

On 12/28/2017–188,650 mining units were sold = hash power rate of 13,000 TH/s.

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In addition to having a high hash power rate, Mintage also operates with an Advanced Proprietary Mining AI (artificial intelligence) that evaluates the current cryptocurrency market to carefully and strategically select the best cryptocoin to mine with the highest possible BTC reward each week. Our AI permits us the ability to mine a variety of crypto coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Zcash (SEC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), allowing us to stay on top of the changing crypto market.  

Combining our innovative and effective AI with your purchased hash power units maximizes your ability to receive weekly BTC rewards. Why wait another minute to start mining with Mintage?