If you’ve purchased a Coin Mining Contract through Mintage, monthly maintenance fees are required to keep the mining hardware up and running. Unpaid maintenance fees will result in the temporary deactivation of your mining contract, stopping mining until all fees are caught up.

To avoid any interruptions to your monthly mining activity, log in to pay your maintenance fees in advance by following the steps below.

1. Log in to Mintage Mining


2. Click on the Activity tab


3. Click on the Coin Contracts tab

Once you’ve arrived on the Coin Contracts page, locate your open contracts in the Purchase History section. Maintenance fees must be paid for each individual mining contract and will not be lumped together.

4. Locate which contract you’d like to pay for in the section titled Purchase History, then click Manage

5. Locate the section titled Maintenance Fees

Once you’ve selected which contract you’d like to manage, you will find a section titled Maintenance Fees as you begin to scroll down the page. This is where you will return to pay your maintenance fees each month. You can also view the current cost of your Maintenance Fees on the line titled Maintenance Fees Cost.

6. Select the crypto wallet you will be using to pay your fees

Payment options may vary depending on which mining contract you choose to join. For our example, maintenance fees can be paid using either BTC or ZEC. Select which crypto wallet you’d like to use, and click the corresponding button.

7. Choose how far in advance you’d like to pay for your maintenance fees

After you’ve selected which wallet you’d like to use, a small pop up will appear on the screen. This will tell you your available balance, as well as how many months in advance you will be able to pay.

Maintenance fees can be paid up to 12 months in advance. Select the number of months you’d like to pay for, then click Pay Now.

Adding to your Mintage Balance

If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to cover your maintenance fees, you will receive an error message and will need to add more funds to your Mintage account by following the instructions below.

1. Locate the Wallets tab in your Mintage account

2. Select the tab that says Primary Wallet

3. Click Deposit

Keep in mind, BTC is the only payment method that can be deposited into Mintage (Litcoin and Bitcoincash are also accepted, as Mintage will convert them into BTC). If you wish to pay fees with another cryptocurrency (ZEC for example) you can use your Server X weekly payouts to do so, but will not be able to deposit ZEC directly.

4. Select which cryptocurrency to deposit (Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Bitcoincash). Each of these will be converted to BTC, which you can use to pay your maintenance fees.

After your Bitcoin arrives in your Mintage account, your balance will display on your wallet page. Return to step one up above and complete the steps to pay your maintenance fees.

Stay caught up on Maintenance fees to get the most out of your Coin Mining Contracts through Mintage Mining!

Log in to your Mintage dashboard to pay your fees today.