One of the first steps in purchasing a Mintage hash power service agreement is depositing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold to your Mintage account. We offer our members two ways you can make a Mintage deposit:

OPTION #1: Coinbase Wallet Deposit

  • Login to Your Mintage Account

         — Click your “Wallet” tab

         — Click the“Deposit” button and select the type of cryptocurrency you want to deposit

         — Copy the generated web address

  • Login to Your Coinbase/Crypto Wallet Account

         — Click “Accounts” and select the crypto wallet you want to withdraw from (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin Gold) and click “Send”

         — Paste the copied Mintage address in popup form & click “Continue”

       — Transactions do take time. Litecoin has the fastest availability

Coinbase transactions can take up to a couple of days to post to your Mintage wallet.

OPTION #2: Direct Wire Transfer Deposit

  • Login to your Mintage Account

        — Click the “Profile” Tab

        — Enter  Your Identification Information

        — Upload a clear/legible photo of your government issued document (Driver’s license, passport, or ID card: jpg or png) 

 It may take a day or two to verify your wire transfer profile. Once approved, simply complete the wire transfer agree,emt and enter the amount you want deposited to your Mintage wallet.

Once your deposit posts to your Mintage account, you are ready to purchase one of our hash power service agreements! 

Ready to make a deposit to your Mintage?

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