As Mintage makes a name for itself in the crypto mining space, we continue to find new ways to evolve, improve, and fulfill our mission to bring crypto mining to the masses. As we navigate uncharted terrain, our goal is to provide ways for people from all walks of life to experience crypto mining and reap the rewards.

Mintage products– past, present, and future– aim to do just that as we look forward to an exciting new chapter coming to Mintage Mining, broadening the mining opportunities for everyone involved. Take a look through our new product offerings to see where Mintage is headed, and how you can get involved.

Mining Rigs: For Those Who Want More Personal Involvement

As Mintage progresses deeper into the crypto mining space, we are excited to announce the new opportunity to purchase mining rigs from Now, Mintage members can mine with their own rigs, from the comfort of their own home, and be open to new opportunity as part of a decentralized network.

As an official supplier of rigs for current and upcoming cryptocurrency ventures and ICO’s, Mintage helps its members get there first, with the unique opportunity to mine new coins as soon as they join the network. In the coming months, users will even be able to mine some of the top coins on the exchange.

This week, Mintage rolled out the sale of mining rigs on their website and is thrilled to announce that the first rig up for sale will be the Kala Mining Rig. Kala is as an upcoming cryptocurrency slated to hit crypto exchanges in the next several months and gives its miners the exclusive opportunity to be first to join their network. By purchasing a rig of your own, you have the chance to be first to mine Kala, with over 6 million coins being mined daily.

Rigs can be purchased straight from your Mintage dashboard, by selecting the Purchase tab, then clicking the Rigs menu. Check back here often as new mining rigs become available, so you can be one of the first to get involved.

The Open-Ended Agreement: For the Experts

For those who have tried their hand at crypto-mining and are ready for more, Mintage recommends the Open-Ended Hardware Agreement, which puts the miner back in control.

Open-Ended miners can know which hardware they’ll be renting before the agreement goes live, and can even cast their vote on which mining pools and coins their agreement will be involved with, giving them a say in where and how their mining will take place. For more details, read more with our article, The Open-Ended Product is Here.

Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or are new to the space, Mintage has a place for you. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to what comes next as Mintage becomes the source of all things mining.

Purchase your agreement on your new Mintage dashboard now!