Have you purchased your first Mining agreement from Mintage? If not, we’re here to show you how to log in and purchase so you can start mining today! Begin by logging into your Mintage account, then follow the directions below:

Depositing Funds into Mintage

Before you can purchase an agreement, you must first transfer funds into Mintage

(Mintage agreements must be purchased using cryptocurrency, and will require the use of an external crypto wallet.  Or, if you’d prefer, you can also purchase an agreement through special financing with our partner, MiningCredit.com)

  • Begin by clicking on the Wallet tab and selecting one of three options:
    • Deposit: Select this option if you already have a crypto wallet set up, and cryptocurrency available in your wallet (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin Gold) that you’d like to transfer straight to Mintage. (If you are using Coinbase as your preferred Crypto wallet, view further instructions here.)
    • Buy Bitcoin: Select this option if you have not yet set up your wallet or purchased cryptocurrency. This will redirect you to the Coinbase website for you to set up your crypto wallet and purchase your crypto.
    • Financing: Select this option to be redirected to MiningCredit.com to receive special financing.
  • Once you have your crypto wallet with existing funds set up, select Deposit, and click on which cryptocurrency you would like to use for your purchase. Once you do, a Mintage wallet ID will appear for you to copy and paste into your external crypto wallet

(Make sure to copy/paste the wallet ID to avoid errors! If the wallet ID is not copied exactly, your funds will be sent to an incorrect wallet address, and cannot be recovered.)

  • Paste your wallet ID into your crypto wallet to send your funds to your Mintage account, making sure to account for any limits or fees that may occur with your Mintage purchase.
  • Once your funds are sent over to Mintage, they can be viewed in your Wallet tab either under your Pending or Available Balance. (Give your wallet about 15-30 minutes to update and move your funds from “pending” to “available”.)
  • Once your funds are listed under your Available Balance, you are ready to purchase your first mining agreement! Be advised, just because your funds are now in your Mintage account does NOT mean your agreement has been purchased. To complete your purchase, walk through the following steps to complete the purchasing process and begin your first agreement!

Purchasing An Agreement

View your Wallet tab to make sure your funds are displaying under your Available Balance. Once they’re there, you are ready to purchase an agreement! (If your funds are not showing as available, make sure you completed each step from Depositing Funds into Mintage before you proceed.)

  • To purchase your agreement, click on the Purchase tab at the top of the page, then scroll to find which agreement you’d like to buy.
  • You can see how many 3-year hash rate units are still available by viewing the progress bar down the page. If there are still units available, click Buy Now.
  • Once you are redirected, scroll to the bottom of the page and view the section that reads Purchase 3-Year Agreement. This will show you how many units you have available to buy. Use the small arrows on the right to select the number of units you’d like to purchase, then click Add to Cart.
  • Before you can proceed, you must first agree to the terms and conditions and confirm your purchase. Once you’re ready to go, click Buy Now.

Your purchase has now entered you into the current batch for the week, and will deposit a BTC reward every Wednesday for the duration of your agreement!

As you receive rewards, your next step will be to repurchase with your BTC rewards week by week to truly maximize your results. To learn how to repurchase, view our next section: Repurchasing An Agreement.

Repurchasing An Agreement

Now that you’ve purchased an agreement, you will begin receiving BTC rewards each Wednesday for the life of your agreement. What you do with those rewards is up to you, but to truly maximize your BTC rewards with Mintage, we’d recommend that you consider using them to repurchase new agreements week by week.

(Keep in mind, your original agreement will still remain and pay out on a weekly basis even without repurchasing. However, it is a great option to repurchase, which allows you to build your BTC rewards opportunity over time.)

  • After BTC rewards are made each Wednesday, any available units will appear in your Wallet tab under the Available Balance section. Begin by viewing your balance to know how many units are available for repurchase.
  • Click on the Purchase tab and scroll to the bottom of the page in the Purchase 3-Year Agreement section. Enter the amount of units you’d like to repurchase, and click Add to Cart.

Purchasing these 3-year units will open them up in a new 3-year agreement that will also begin to pay out on a weekly basis. At the end of each week, your rewards from all open agreements will be combined into a single BTC reward for the week, which you can then use to repurchase again if you’d prefer. This pattern will continue for the duration of each agreement or until you decide to stop repurchasing or begin withdrawing your weekly rewards.

How to Transfer Units From Coinbase

If you are using a Coinbase crypto wallet to transfer your funds into Mintage, follow these instructions.

  • Login to your Coinbase wallet, then click the Accounts tab at the top.

Find the cryptocurrency you’d like to pay with and click the Send button beneath it. (Make sure you upload cryptocurrency into your wallet FIRST before trying to send, or it will not work!) A pop up will then appear where you can input your transfer information.

  • You will now need your Mintage wallet address before you can continue. To find it, click on your the Wallet tab in your mintage account, and click Deposit. Copy your Mintage wallet ID exactly.

Paste the Mintage Wallet address in the Recipient field, then enter the amount you’d like to send in the Amount field. Click Continue to complete the transfer. (Make sure to copy/paste the wallet ID to avoid errors! If the wallet ID is not copied exactly, your funds will be sent to an incorrect wallet address, and cannot be recovered.)

Be aware: It can take some time for funds to appear in your Mintage account! Don’t worry if your deposit doesn’t appear right away.

  • Once your deposit shows up in your Mintage Wallet tab, you are ready to purchase your first agreement! To do so, follow the instructions in the Purchasing An Agreement section above.

What are you waiting for? Get in on this week’s bucket by purchasing today!