Although the last week has seen significant dips in the cryptocurrency market, Mintage stands armed and ready as one of the few mining cohorts that can withstand such drastic changes.

While companies like HashFlare, ViaBTC, and Genesis Mining struggle against the current of the turbulent crypto market, we feel validated in the direction of Mintage Mining, and more excited than ever about our future.

Trends Affecting Mining Payouts

To understand the drop in payouts this week, it is important to take note of the cyclical trends that affect the value of Bitcoin and mining on a weekly basis.

Trend #1: This dip in Bitcoin is cyclical. Bitcoin has shown a drop in value consistently over the last several years in June. Despite this drop, our experts still predict major growth in the coming months for top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Trend #2: While other companies struggle, Mintage remains strong. Major mining companies like HashFlare and ViaBTC have been unable to support payouts over the last week, with Genesis mining dropping 80% after only paying out 12 of the last 20 days. Mintage’s ability to provide weekly payouts ranks it among the most powerful mining cohorts in the world, even against all odds.

Trend #3: The difficulty of mining Bitcoin fluctuates. While the last week has seen an increase in mining difficulty by 14%, the last year alone has seen an increase in as much as 21.39% and a decrease of -6.09%, making this jump not out of the ordinary.

Trend #4: The mining population continues to grow. Historically, the month of June has seen an increase in the number of miners joining various networks, also contributing to the rise in difficulty of mining Bitcoin.

Amidst these worldwide trends, we feel motivated and positive as we continue to provide weekly payouts to our members week after week.

What is Mintage Mining Doing to Succeed?

In preparation for times such as these, Mintage has already taken the steps to withstand crypto’s many ups and downs. As we move into the coming months, here is what we’re already doing to keep Mintage Mining strong:

  •  Owning and Managing Our Own Hardware

Mintage continues to grow its own supply of hardware, allowing us to avoid third-party costs, and maintain higher rates based on industry standards. This also sets us apart from many other cohorts who lack this kind of control.

  • Maximizing Our Weekly Batches

We’re working to maximize and fill our weekly batches, allowing us to reduce our costs and capture more of the market.

  • Diversifying Our Products

These changes confirm our direction earlier this year to move away from the 1-Year Agreement to our new products–3-year agreement, open-ended agreement, and mining rigs. The acquisition of our own hardware allows our members the ability to play a more active in their membership with Mintage Mining.

With the power of our algorithm, hardware, and unique products, we remain positive and validated in what we’re doing, and where we’re going. We’re confident in the coming weeks that you’ll see why we’re different and how Mintage Mining continues to see success, even in such an unpredictable space.

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