As a collaborative hash power platform, we provide our members the opportunity to engage in today’s crypto market. By purchasing hash power units through three-year and open-ended hardware rental share agreements, members are able to help mine the most current and assessible crypto coin possible. Mintage’s unique hash power structure creates a competitive access to effective and successful crypto mining for our members. Some of the advantages of mining with Mintage include:

  • Low-cost entry to effective crypto mining
  • Utilization of an AI system that strategically mines the most profitable cryptocurrency available each week
  • Possible weekly BTC reward on the total number of hash power units purchased
  • Easy to navigate and purchase crypto mining platform
  • Personal reporting–weekly reward updates, working units, current coin values, etc.

How to Be Successful with Mintage

With cryptocurrency constantly changing and growing, we want to make sure that each Mintage member has the knowledge and understanding of how Mintage can work for them. To help you get started, click to view some of our Mintage Mining materials:

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